Fennel Seeds

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    Fennel seeds are a spice sourced from one of the several types of flowering fennel plant, which is indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean. They are traditionally used in Italian cooking.

    What do fennel seeds taste like?


    They have a slightly sweet and powerful flavour that's similar to liquorice. This is because fennel shares a common compound with liquorice, known as Anethole.

    What dishes do you use fennel in?


    As previously alluded to, fennel seeds are prominent within Italian cuisine so it is not surprising to learn that they regularly feature upon pizzas, pasta or Italian risottos.

    What is a fennel seed good for?


    The aforementioned anti-inflammatory anethole compound found in fennel seeds is believed to possess antispasmodic properties, which may benefit those suffering with indigestion, bloating or Constipation.

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