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    Feet Care Products

    How can I take care of my feet naturally?

    If your feet need a treat then shop our entire range of natural foot care products for a truly pampering experience. 

    What natural products are good for nails and feet?

    All of them! Refresh those tired toes today, and keep your feet feeling soft & smooth, and your Nails firm.

    What can I do to make my feet stop smelling?

    Try Salt of the Earth Foot Spray Deodorant 100ml, as it works to keep your feet fresh, cool & odour-free until you get home and kick off your shoes

    What is the best natural moisturizer for feet?

    You may wish to consider trying Balmonds Daily Moisturising Cream 100ml.

    What does aloe vera do for your feet?

    Urtekram Organic Aloe Vera Foot Cream 100ml is a light and fresh moisturising foot cream that provides your feet with the natural healing properties of Aloe Vera. With regular use, your feet should be crack-free and restored to their former suppleness. 

    Is tea tree oil good for feet?

    It might be! When applied to the skin on your feet twice a day, Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Foot Spray 50ml may help to reduce swelling, itching, and the burning sensation of athlete's foot.

    What product is good for feet?

    Both amateurs and the world's best skin experts tend to agree that Weleda Foot Balm 75ml and Weleda Skin Food 75ml are some of the best, naturally dense foot creams around right now.

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