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    324 products

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    Shop Nature Healthbox's affordable organic skin care products for your face, which all contain high quality ingredients that care for your skin. This unique collection of natural facial products features fruit stem cell science products from facial exfoliators to calming, creamy cleansers. 

    Enhance & rejuvenate your skin naturally to look your best and slow down the aging process!

    Are natural face products better?

    Yes, we think so! Environmentally friendly, natural & organic face care products do not contain any chemical-based ingredients, which may actually cause more harm to your skin in the long run. What's more is, these products (below) may actually prove more cost effective when compared to the conventional products, because the quality of ingredients contained within them means you will use less, making them last longer over a period of time.

    What products does my face need?

    Most Skincare experts tend to agree that in order to maintain a healthy looking face, you will need a good Sun Care product, Moisturisers, Cleansers & Face Washes.

    What is the most important face product?

    Sunscreen! Hands down, sunscreen is the most vital face and all over skin-care product, which protects us from the sun's harmful UV rays.

    What is the best natural thing to put on your face?

    Most natural skincare experts tend to agree that it is Coconut oil that stands out as the best natural product to apply to your face. Yes, this versatile and skin-nourishing ingredient can be used outside of your Kitchen and into regular Beauty & Skincare regime, for it has beneficial effects like being able to purge dead skin cells and fortify the skin tissues.

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