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    Best Eyeliner UK

    Shop the online Eyeliner range of products at Natures Healthbox and explore our unrivalled variation of the finest natural colours.

    Is eyeliner considered makeup?

    Eyeliner is a considered a cosmetic product that is used to define the eyes, so a make-up kit would certainly be considered incomplete without them.

    Why is eyeliner attractive?

    For many, the eyes are considered the most notable feature of human expression, which acts as a catalyst for visual communication. By choosing to use a colourful eyeliner you are drawing attention to your eyes.

    Where should you put eyeliner?

    Eyeliners should be carefully applied just below the bottom lashes and above the lash line on the top of the eyelid.

    Which eyeliner is best?

    Here at Natures Healthbox we won't go as far as to tell you what the best eyeliner is, because after all everyone's delicate eye area is different so what may work well on one person's face, may not for another. However, our range of natural & organic eyeliners contain less harmful chemicals than other cosmetic brands, so certainly stand out as worthy contenders. And when you consider that everything we put on our skin is absorbed by our body, then eyeliners with skin-nourishing ingredients like ours must be considered as some of the best. Right?

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