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    Ecover - Plant Based Household Products

    Ecover is much bigger than simply washing the dishes or doing the Laundry. It’s about making you feel wonderful in your own home. Call it harmony, call it feel-good factor, call it whatever you want. Ecover firmly believe that if you treat your home with all the TLC it deserves, then it’ll love you right back.

    What makes Ecover stand out?

    They are redefining clean for the 21st century. Clean products. Clean homes. Clean values. They lead by example too, inspiring people to make their world that little bit cleaner, and make sure they try to operate as transparently as a freshwater stream.

    What do Ecover make?

    They have produced a range of cleaning and laundry products, which work effectively and feature bottles made from recycled plastic, and leaping bunny approved formulas. Each Ecover product is made with plant-based and biodegradable ingredients too!

    How did the Ecover brand start?

    The story of Ecover first started in 1979, before words like ‘biodegradable’ and ‘sustainability’ were part of our daily language. A small team of highly motivated eco-pioneers in Belgium, had a vision and saw first-hand how they could be leaders in the laundry market. They set out to do this by creating a cutting edge washing powder which was phosphate-free - this was all well before phosphates were generally banned. And so Ecover was born!

    Since that first washing powder, Ecover has continued to dedicate its resources to making revolutionary products, which have been created with the same vision as their founders.

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