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    13 products

    Your Gateway to Greener, Healthier Cleaning

    Eco Max provides an extensive range of plant-based household cleaning products that hold the Eco-Logo Certification, ensuring a green cleaning solution for both homes and offices. Eschewing traditional toxic substances, our green cleaners are made with 100% green electricity supplied by Bullfrog Power, and feature only biodegradable, renewable, and sustainable ingredients.

    Where are Eco Max Cleaning Products Made?

    Eco Max's manufacturing facilities are situated in Ontario, Canada. Eco Max products reach our UK distribution partners via sea shipments, independently certified as carbon-neutral in compliance with Gold Standard best practices.

    Are Eco Max Cleaning Products Animal-Friendly?

    Absolutely, Eco Max prides itself on its vegan approach, steering clear of any animal-derived ingredients. Ecomax products are also registered with the Vegan Society.

    Does Eco Max Contain Synthetic Fragrances?

    No, Eco Max prioritises natural alternatives. All the products are scented with pure essential oils, avoiding all synthetic fragrances altogether.

    Is Eco Max Reliable for an Effective Clean?

    Eco Max cleaners are not just ECOLOGO certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL); third-party testing has confirmed that these plant-based cleaners go above and beyond ECOLOGO requirements!

    Why Opt for Eco Max?

    When choosing Eco Max, you invest in a range of top-tier natural cleaning products that ensure safety for both users and the environment. Eco Max has a commitment to formulating products with plant-based ingredients sourced from renewable and sustainable resources, meaning the range cleaning products are not only safe but also minimise environmental impact. A prime example would be the Eco-Max Natural Spearmint Window & Glass Cleaner 710ml, which is even less toxic than vinegar!

    What Are The Best Selling Eco-Max Cleaning Products?

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