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    Easy Bean - Chickpea Crispbreads

    Who are Easy Bean?

    Easy Bean are a small, innovative company determined to give beans the culinary status they deserve. They believe in creating food that’s as delicious as it is healthy; and that eating a balanced diet of wholesome all natural food makes perfect sense.

    What range of products do Easy Bean offer?

    We only stock the gluten free crackers from Easy Bean but they do also offer single made ready meals all made from pulses which you can purchase through there website.

    Food of the Pods:

    Let’s start with a definition. When we speak of beans we refer in fact more broadly to pulses, which could also be called food legumes; they include beans, peas and lentils and they all come from a pod. High in protein, virtually fat free and with more fibre than many wholegrains, beans are one of nature’s healthiest foods. 

    Bean Facts:

    • The Pharoahs believed lentils helped convey the soul to the heavens.
    • Pulses belong to the family Leguminosae and include beans, peas and lentils.
    • Pulses and legumes have the unique ability to fix nitrogen and so increase the fertility of the soil as they grow.
    • Since ancient times beans have symbolized the embryo, growth and life.
    • A beanfeast originally referred to an employer’s annual dinner given to employees.
    • Pulses are the richest source of vegetable protein.
    • Low GI (glycaemic index) foods such as beans provide natural slowly released energy.
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