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    Dragonfly Tea - Authentic & delicious teas for tea lovers & tea explorers alike

    Natures Healthbox is the answer to that aged old question "Where can I buy dragonfly tea?". Our unrivalled selection of Dragonfly Tea's are all GM-free and independently tested for pesticides in leading European laboratories, and you’ll never find artificial flavourings, preservatives or colourings in them.

    Is Dragonfly the best tea brand?

    It could be. As a British family company rooted in generations of tea craftsmanship, Dragonfly's quest for quality and love of Tea culture has taken them all over of the world – from the remote peaks of China’s Fujian Province to the celebrated tea estates of Darjeeling and East Africa. Dragonfly Tea were among the first to bring a string of now much-loved spiced speciality teas to the UK too, and continue to champion the joys and benefits of the great tea traditions.

    What does the dragonfly symbolize?

    The dragonfly is an ancient symbol of purity, vitality and harmony. Dragonflies love sunshine, warmth and clear, pure water, and Dragonfly Tea believe the same elements are required for creating a truly fine cup of tea.

    Do dragonfly tea bags contain plastic?

    The teabags in the main Organic Dragonfly range are - and always have been - plastic-free and staple-free. This is because they are not heat-sealed but rather folded and then stitched together, a more costly yet ultimately more environmentally friendly technique. Dragonfly's Rooibos and large leaf teas come in plant-based, biodegradable tea bags too, which are free from all plastics derived from petrochemicals and are also staple-free.

    Is Dragonfly vegetarian friendly?

    All Dragonfly Tea's are suitable for vegetarians.

    What is the calorie content in Dragonfly tea?

    If you're on a strict Slimming & Weight Loss plan, you'll be pleased to know that Dragonfly Tea is 100% natural with no synthetics or sweeteners and therefore the calorie count is negligible - as long as you drink it without milk or sugar!

    What makes Dragonfly Tea stand out?

    As a small family business, Dragonfly Tea's attention to detail goes well beyond the sourcing. Every Dragonfly blend is personally created, every piece of packaging design is carefully reviewed and all customer feedback is personally tended to. So whether it is a much-loved Dragonfly Rooibos Tea or ever so popular wellbeing blend, Dragonfly has a true and delicious tea for everyone and every occasion, which will ​deliver an authentic and memorable taste experience. One that brings about an extraordinary Mood of enjoyment, relaxation and attentiveness.

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