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    47 products

    Doves Farm - Free From Flour, Pasta and Biscuits

    Doves Farm make quality organic Flour, pasta and biscuits from sustainably grown grains. These products inspire people to bake and cooke with a range of unique and distinctive flavours. Twenty-five of these tasty treats are certified with the Fairtrade Foundation, and quite a few of them are suitable for vegan, vegetarian, Gluten Free, wheat free, and diabetic diets too! 

    How did Doves Farm start?

    They started with a passion, as all good things do. Driven by a fascination with wholegrains and organic farming, founders Michael & Clare Marriage sowed their first seeds in 1977 with the simple idea of making great quality wholemeal flour from grain grown to the toughest organic standards. A year later their first grains were ready to harvest. They purchased an old stone grinding mill and then began to mill their wholegrains into wholemeal flour and pack it by hand into flour bags. Soon after, health food store after health food store realised the brilliance of organic wholemeal flour, and the journey to bring home baking back to the country’s kitchens had begun. As interest in speciality grains grew, Doves Farm pioneered the re-introduction of some of the UK’s lost ancient grains back to our soils. Rye was first, then spelt and einkorn, and emmer soon followed. Today, their flours can be found in all major retailers and they have become the UK’s favourite organic flour brand.

    What makes Doves Farm stand out?

    They are a well-known pioneer within the sector and an award-winning, family-owned Wiltshire miller specialising in Organic and Free From flours and foods. They are also proudly part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme which works to conserve and restore wildlife habitats and preserve the history and character of our beautiful countryside.

    Are all Doves Farm products gluten free?

    Doves Farm do not add factory produced refined gluten and instead, choose naturally high-gluten, imported hard wheat. Other ingredients such as rice, maize, KAMUT grain, and buckwheat do not grow in this country and must be imported.

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