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    Dead Sea Spa Magik - The No.1 British Spa brand

    Dead Sea Spa Magik are a multi-award winning, independent British Spa brand. Not only do they preach about self-care, they live a self-care lifestyle too. This is reflected in each and everyone of their clean and sustainable Spa treatment experiences, which can be used in your very own home.

    How did the Dead Spa Magik brand begin?

    Kate is the CEO and current founder of Dead Sea Spa Magik, however it was her father who came up with the original idea of infusing mineral salts into skincare over forty years ago. Kate's father Robert had a passion for mineral salt water from childhood. He grew up in Hungarian Romania and had a salt lake behind his house, where Kate's grandmother would take him almost every day to boost his health and well-being. That’s where his passion for salt water was born.

    Fast forward forty years and Kate is now running the family business. Dead Sea Spa Magik's expertise is in creating spa rituals for in spa and at creating spa self-care rituals to use at home is now world renowned. Each product ensures that their customers feel happier and healthier. 

    What do they produce?

    The range consists of daily-use mineral Skincare products, which are based on the magical well-being and skin hydration benefits of natural mineral salts. They are designed to treat dry and sensitive Skin conditions such as eczema and Acne. Each product, below, utilises the power of harmonised water (deionised water) with an infusion of exceptionally hydrating Dead Sea Minerals, which easily absorb into your skin to provide it with instant improvements in condition & appearance.

    What makes Dead Sea Spa Magik stand out?

    They always prioritise the development of sustainably sourced, renewable materials and minimal plastic. They use reduced plastic pouches for their salts, carbon neutral plastic derived from sugar cane across their skincare range and infinitely recyclable glass with recycled wooden caps for their professional line of products. These products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, free-from harsh ingredients and kind to all skin and hair types.

    Where can I buy Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo?

    You can buy Dead Sea Spa Magik Mineral Shampoo 300ml right here at Natures Healthbox!

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