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    Natural Relief for Cystitis

    What is Cysticlean?

    Cysticlean provides natural relief from cystitis and other urinary problems. A dietary food supplerment made from 100% concentrated cranberry extract.

    Cysticlean 240 mg PAC is a dry American cranberry extract with a high content of proanthocyanidins (240 mg PAC) with an anti-adhesion activity against bacteria Escherichia coli (Ec) of up to 90%. This anti-adhesion activity is related to the PAC concentration: the more PAC the more anti-adhesion activity.

    What is the American Cranberry in Cysticlean?

    The American cranberry, fruit of the plant Vaccinium macrocarpon, is known for its antibacterial properties and benefits of maintaining the health of the urinary tract thanks to its content of proanthocyanidins (PAC).

    Proanthocyanidins (PAC) are a group of polyphenolic compounds present in most plants, especially in some fruits. PACs from the American cranberry are particularly valued for their proven anti-adhesive activity which reduce the adherence of Escherichia coli to the walls of the urinary tract.

    What is the difference between Cranberry Juice and Cysticlean?

    Cysticlean is an extract but cranberry juice is not. You will have to drink a lot of cranberry juice to replace one capsule of Cysticlean. Also there is more sugar in the juice which is not only fattening but also may make it less effective.



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