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    Shop Cotton Pads & Pleats online at Natures Healthbox and use these soft, gentle & absorbent products (below) for cleansing your delicate skin.

    What is the difference between cotton pad and pleat?

    Cotton pads are a small, round and common Beauty & Skincare product, which can also be used for medicinal purposes to stop small bleeding (when firmly applied with tape) after an injection. A cotton pleat is a bigger, soft but strong fleece of carefully perforated cotton that an individual can easily tear off, so that they have the right amount they require. 

    Are cotton pads bad for the earth?

    Conventional cotton pads cannot biodegrade, as they're bleached during the production. Our selection of cotton pads & pleats are different, and have been made from organic cotton, which is grown without any harmful chemicals and produces around 45% less CO2 emissions compared to regular cotton.

    Can I dry my face with cotton pads?

    You might be able to use cotton pads to dry your face, if you're out & about and have nothing else available. Because after all, cotton pads are really good at absorbing!

    Do you need cotton pads for toner?

    Most Skincare experts agree that cotton pads not only aid the application of toner but also help to remove any impurities & excess oil that could be sitting upon the surface of the skin.

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