Cotton Buds

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    2 products

    Eco Friendly Cotton Buds

    Shop organic cotton buds online at Natures Healthbox and open yourself up to a range of products that work in harmony with the environment to support biodiversity. 

    Can you still buy cotton bud?

    Yes, absolutely! Because unlike regular cotton buds, our range of biodegradable products are made from 100% organic cotton and are fully certified by ECOCERT.

    Why are cotton buds banned UK?

    In a bid to tackle plastic pollution, conventional cotton buds, along with single-use plastic straws & stirrers were banned in England by the government in 2020. This relatively new legislation forbids the sale and distribution of the aforementioned products.

    What are cotton buds for?

    Our soft to touch selection of organic cotton buds will care for you and your family’s needs in a natural & environmentally friendly way. These bio-plastic alternatives to traditional buds can be used to apply and remove Cosmetics & Make Up, clean earwax from the ear canals, or touch up nail polish that may reside upon the surrounding skin after application to the fingernails.

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