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    107 products

    If you've come online to shop for the best organic cosmetic brands, then Natures Healthbox has you covered. Discover a world of limitless natural beauty with our unrivalled selection of Cosmetic & Make Up products!

    What is the difference between makeup and cosmetics?

    Cosmetics refers to products applied externally to ones' self, which can enhance the skin for example, by means of exfoliation or cleansing. Makeup is a subset of cosmetics that can alter a user's appearance by the varying colours it is available in.

    Where are cosmetics used?

    The majority of cosmetics are used upon the skin.

    What are the benefits of cosmetics?

    Cosmetics can help those who use them to exhibit their own personal style, particularly at large social gatherings. They may also improve the Low Mood & Esteem of an unconfident person by boosting their confidence with an improved look.

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