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    Natural Hair Conditioner

    Should I buy conditioner?

    These days there are so many conditioners available on the market, that choosing the right one for your Hair can become quite a head scratcher. Identifying the right conditioner for your hair really depends on what kind of hair you have in the first place, and once you've done that you will most likely want to know what ingredients it has, which may then pose harm to both you & our planet, when you wash it down your plughole.

    Let Natures Healthbox nullify any conditioner catastrophes by helping you find that perfect Earth & scalp friendly conditioner from our selection below.

    What is conditioner used for?

    A conditioner is applied to your hair after shampooing it, and makes your hair softer & easier to manage.

    Is conditioner necessary for hair?

    Many haircare experts believe that conditioning your hair after you Shampoo reduces the risk of your hair becoming prone to breakage & thinning.

    Which conditioner is good for hair?

    Our entire range of all natural conditioners are good for your hair, and have been specifically formulated to nourish, hydrate and Detox all hair types.

    Which conditioner is best for damaged hair?

    Don't be fooled by the Naturtint Shampoo & Conditioner Bar – Strengthening 75g, just because it's not like those conventional, bottled conditioners. While it may just look like a regular bar of soap, the Naturtint Shampoo & Conditioner Bar has been specifically formulated for weak & thinning hair. What's more is, it saves at least 3 plastic bottles for every bar too!

    Can you use coconut oil as a conditioner?

    Yes, you could do it! Some people don't just cook with Coconut oil but also use it as a post-wash detangler after shampooing. You can apply coconut oil through your hair from the midsection to the ends by simply using a comb.

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