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    Is there such a thing as coconut vinegar?

    Yes! Coconut vinegar is sourced from Coconut trees grown in volcanic soil, which is rich in Vitamins and Minerals. It is made from either Coconut Water or from the Tuba (the Sap) of the coconut tree and is a staple condiment in Southeast Asia known as 'Suka Ng Niyog'.

    Is coconut vinegar as healthy as apple cider vinegar?

    Coconut vinegar is similar to other fermented vinegars (like balsamic & apple cider vinegar) and has no added preservatives, artifical yeasts, MSG or sugar cane. WIth a low glycemic index (GI), coconut vinegar is an ideal Food source suitable for diabetic patients, which contains FOS (a prebiotic that promotes healthy Digestion) and all nine essential Amino Acids (the building blocks of Protein).

    Like Apple Cider Vinegar, coconut vinegar is fast becoming touted as a potent elixir of things, making it "the jack of all trades". While it may have many of the same nutritional benefits as ACV, coconut vinegar in many ways, appears to trump it because it does not contain the aforementioned vitamin & mineral content in trace amounts.

    Does coconut vinegar help acne?

    It might do! A regular application of coconut vinegar to the Skin may help to treat dry & cracked heels, insect bites, Acne or sun burn.

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