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    Best Coconut Oil For Oil Pulling UK

    Where can I buy coconut oil pulling?

    If you're wondering where to buy coconut oil pulling products from online, then look no further than Natures Healthbox.

    What is coconut oil pulling?

    Coconut oil pulling is a method that may possibly reduce potential cavities, Halitosis or Gingivitis.

    Does coconut pulling really work?

    It might do! A recent study found that coconut oil could help prevent the build-up of Streptococcus mutans, the main bacteria that causes plaque and subsequent tooth decay. This research continues...

    Is coconut oil pulling bad for you?

    Unless you have a Coconut allergy, then coconut oil pulling is generally considered low risk.

    How often should you pull with coconut oil?

    Most experts believe that 5-10 minutes of coconut oil pulling a day should offer some benefit.

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