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    Organic Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil is widely available in both refined and unrefined (also known as virgin, raw, pure or cold-pressed coconut oil) variations. Raw Coconut Oil retains the distinct flavour and odour of coconuts because it is extracted from fresh coconut meat. Unlike refined Coconut Oil, the raw variety has no added chemicals and is not exposed to high heat levels during the production process. 

    The decision to choose refined or unrefined Coconut Oil is one of personal preference, however the raw variety has the most phyto-nutrients and a fuller coconut flavour, while refined has a smoking point of 450 degrees F (higher than most polyunsaturated or monounsaturated oils), making it ideal for cooking at higher temperatures with.

    What is coconut oil?

    Coconut Oil (Copra Oil) is the oil from the flesh of the Coconut, which contains Antioxidant rich polyphenols and saturated Fatty Acids (caprylic acid, lauric acid & capric acid) in the form of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).

    What is coconut oil good for?

    Coconut Oil is considered to be one of the healthiest Foods on the planet, however it can be used well beyond its limitations as just a Cooking Ingredient, working to provide Immune Support, improve Digestion, and even proving beneficial on your Hair and Skin too!

    What does coconut oil do for your skin?

    Coconut Oil is easy for the Body to digest internally, but when applied to the skin externally, it is just as easily absorbed and works to soften and moisturise the skin. Though Coconut Oil is thought to be an effective Moisturiser on all types of skin, it is advised to test a small amount on a patch of skin for 3-4 days before considering use upon your Face and scalp.

    Coconut Oil clears away dirt, grime, and dead skin cells naturally, while the antioxidants and Essential Fatty Acids work to heal the skin by reducing inflammation. These fatty acids are also thought to be beneficial for dry scalp conditions like dandruff, while their conditioning properties protect the hair from the effects of premature ageing (such as excessive hair loss or baldness). 

    How do you use coconut oil for weight loss?

    Coconut Oil for weight loss is the best fat to choose, however its important to understand that Coconut Oil is still a fat and not all coconut oils are equal when it comes to losing weight. As we already know, Coconut Oil contains a plethora of medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCTs) which boost metabolism and don't end up stored in the body as fat. Compared to the same amount of calories from other fats, MCTs increase the feelings of fullness, meaning the body will take in fewer calories without even thinking about it.

    A tropical treat or tropical tradition?

    When deciding which Coconut Oil to purchase for yourself, you need to establish why you need it and how you are going to use it. Whether its Biona, Vita Coco or Tiana, each variety offers respective massage, weight loss, cooking and medicinal purposes.

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