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    24 products

    Alternative Cakes Mixes For Dairy & Gluten Free Baking

    There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked cake, however in today's modern world, a growing number of us are unable to indulge beyond the smell of these sweetly baked treats due to a specific Food intolerance. The Natures Healthbox range of Cake Mixes makes Gluten Free and Dairy Free home-baking easy, with an extensive selection of low-fat alternatives that are made without eggs, milk, soy, Flour or sugar.

    If you are seeking a convenient and suitable alternative to satisfy those cake cravings, our Cake Mixes can help you create healthier versions of classic cupcakes, cakes or Cookies. Free from artificial ingredients, bleached flour and trans-fats, these products have much the same characteristics as regular Cakes Mixes but are made with simple, wholesome Ingredients.

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