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    What does stuffing go with?

    Traditionally, a stuffing tends to complement a home-made Sunday roast.

    Where can I use breadcrumbs?

    You may wish to use breadcrumbs as part of a restaurant style fried chicken recipe or as crunchy topping to that home-made macaroni cheese dish - the possibilities are endless!

    Can breadcrumbs turn into stuffing?

    No but many stuffing mixes can certainly be used as a substitute for breadcrumbs by simply grinding up the packaged ingredients.

    Can you eat cold stuffing?

    If you've refrigerated any leftover stuffing within 2 hours of cooking it, you should be able to safely consume it within the following 3-4 days.

    What is a healthy substitute for breadcrumbs?

    You may wish to consider Just Wholefoods Organic Wholemeal Breadcrumbs 175g or Clearspring Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Breadcrumbs 250g.

    How do you use oats as bread crumbs?

    To make bread crumbs out of Oats you will need a high quality source of rolled oats, like Bobs Red Mill Gluten Free Rolled Oats 400g, which can be ground down with a dry seasoning in a blender or Food processor to create the texture of bread crumbs.

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