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    2 products

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    Brains Pure CBD is at the forefront of evidence-driven, phyto-cannabinoid wellness products. With headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, and operations in the United Kingdom, they stand as one of the few global producers of natural hemp-based cannabinoid APIs. Brains Pure CBD is dedicated to enriching lives by providing diverse treatment options that cater to everyone. Their versatile approach spans across pharmaceutical, medical, and nutraceutical sectors, ensuring a strong presence within the ever-expanding cannabinoid market.

    What Makes Brains Pure CBD Stand Out?

    They are a global leader in pharmaceutical, wellness, athletics and veterinary cannabidiol (CBD), and were the first medical approved phytochemical product under the 2019 ANVISA regulations. With a superior quality product and pharmaceutical backing they have developed a brand completely transparent in vision and rich in narrative. In awe, admiration and appreciation of the elements, they choose to work with nature, never against it, extracting its power to help make things better.

    How Did The Brains Pure CBD Brand Start?

    It was founded by Ricky Brar, a visionary entrepreneur who has quickly established himself as a trailblazer in the cannabinoid industry. Ricky’s family once owned several businesses, one of which was a highly successful farming enterprise. Ricky was able to grow this business from a modest vegetable farm into a multi-million pound international operation. He sold the business in 2010 and entered the medicinal cannabis industry in an attempt to utilise cannabinoids for the treatment of major diseases. He founded Brains Bioceutical, with aspirations to become a global biotech company specialising in cannabinoid health. Today, Brains Bioceutical is actively involved in clinical and academic trials around the world, and its CEO, one Ricky Brar, is ushering in a new frontier in the health & wellness sector

    What Products Do Brains Pure CBD Produce?

    We proudly provide the comprehensive selection of Brains CBD products listed below:

    Brains Pure CBD 900mg Massage Balm 60ml

    Brains Pure CBD 750mg Oil 30ml

    Brains Pure CBD 375mg Oil 30ml

    Brains Pure CBD 20mg - 28 Capsules

    Brains Pure CBD 10mg - 28 Capsules

    Brains Pure CBD + Turmeric 28 Capsules

    Brains Pure CBD + Magnesium 28 Capsules

    Brains Pure CBD + Ginseng 28 Capsules

    Brains Pure CBD + Curcumin 28 Capsules

    Brains Pure CBD + Ashwagandha 28 Capsules

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