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    Who are Botanic Wellness?

    Botanic Wellness is on a mission to provide high quality CBD supplements at prices everyone can enjoy. They believe that the power of natural health products should be made available to all, instead of a select few - and they are here to make it happen!

    Botanic Wellness have established strong, mutually-beneficial relationships with their farmers that are built on sustainable and responsible practices. From providing superior quality seeds to sharing profits back into the community, they strive for the ethical production of CBD Oil from planting right through to processing. 

    What is in Botanic Wellness CBD?

    At the core of every product they develop lies nature's purest ingredients - Ground Hemp Plant Extract. Botanic Wellness CBD is a carefully nurtured concoction, made exclusively with natural and familiar ingredients that you can recognise. They guarantee the  products are free from any odd or hard-to pronounce chemicals so all you experience comes directly from Mother Nature!

    How do I know what product to choose?

    People have different preferences, and when it comes to CBD Oil versus Capsules or Gummies there's no right answer - whichever suits your lifestyle is the best choice for you. CBD Oil can give faster effects but might not be as handy if you're on-the-go; whereas Capsules and Gummies are more portable yet absorption takes slightly longer. When considering price though, CBD Oils tend to offer greater value for money overall.

    What do people take Botanic Wellness for?

    People have different mindsets, needs and desires. That's why it is no surprise that many take CBD to maintain their overall wellbeing while others use it for more specific reasons such as relief from pain, insomnia, mental fogginess or inflammation-related issues. While the scientific studies are still underway in this field of research, users generally feel positive benefits when using products containing hemp-derived CBD extracts—making them a popular choice among individuals who want to improve both physical & emotional health!

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