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    Biofair - Premium Quality Quinoa Products

    Biofair offer an extensive selection of organically grown, ethically sourced products that are good for your health and support third world farmers. As part of the Windmill Organics family, which also includes Biona, Raw Health and Amisa, Biofair can also guarantee the supply of consistently high quality foods that are ethically produced with respect for the environment.

    Is Biofair Fair Trade?

    Yes, all Biofair products are both Fair Trade and certified organic.

    Are Biofair foods vegetarian friendly?

    All Biofair products are suitable for vegetarians (many are vegan too), with no artificial additives.

    Why should I choose Biofair foods?

    Biofair are committed to providing you with the very best, high quality organic grocery products. Their unrivaled passion for taste, health and the environment is reflected in their range of products, which delights the senses, excites the imagination, and creates pleasure for you and you family at meal times.

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