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    Bio Health - Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

    Bio Health is proudly developed in Kent. the “Garden of England”. Not only are their range of herbal medicinals one of a few that remain wholly owned and produced by a UK manufacturer, they are additive free and made from the world's finest ingredients. 

    What is Bio Health?

    Bio Health offers premium Vitamins and Minerals, which may prove beneficial for your Body. These Pure-fil vitamin supplements are suitable for vegetarians & vegans. And in a case when the dose and/or size of a tablet/capsule is an issue, Bio Health use extracts which allow for 4-5 herbs to be used in one single product. All raw herbal materials are tested against published Pharmacopoeia standards which includes testing for pesticide residues, heavy metals and microbiological burden.

    How did the Bio Health brand start?

    Bio Health began at the start of 1981 with a goal of initiating the first range of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements that were totally free from additives. By the end of that year, and with the assistance of a major capsule manufacturer, methods were finally put in place to successfully fill vitamin, mineral and herbal formulations without additives. Bio Health was born, and remain as popular today as they first did in the early 1980's.

    What is the best Bio Health product for sleep?

    Bio Health Valdrian 60 Capsules are ideal for sleep related issues, as they are made from the natural sedative Valerian root. In fact, many compounds have been isolated from Valeriana such as valerenic acid, essential oils and valepotriates and all have been tested to see if the individual compounds produce the sedative effect. Valerenic acid failed when tested singularly as did the valepotriates, but Valerian when taken as the whole root and rhizome is effective. This is why Bio Health continues to produce Bio Health Valdrian, along with all of their other herbal medicinal products (below), with minimum processing, to retain (in the dry form) all the known & unknown compounds of the leaf, fruit, bark, root, or stem, until it is proved unscientific, illogical or ineffective

    Who is their target audience?

    Their Pure-fil Vegan supplements have particular appeal to those averse to chemical additives in supplements or those who experience allergic reactions to them.

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