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    131 products

    Benecos - Natural & Organic Cosmetic Products

    Benecos natural beauty products contain less harmful chemicals than other cosmetic brands. These pleasant and uncomplicated treats for your skin are filled with a variety of bright and modern colours at affordable prices. Say goodbye to dull and boring, and hello to the vibrant and dynamic world of Benecos Colour Cosmetics!

    Who are Benecos?

    As a relatively young label in the Beauty & Skincare market, Benecos has brought a breath of fresh air into the natural cosmetics market. For a long time, natural cosmetics have had a colourless eco-look. The product choice tends to be limited and the prices unbelievably high. Benecos is different because they offer stylish and modern natural cosmetics that are BDIH certified (the pioneer of 'Controlled Natural Cosmetics' in Germany) and competitively priced.

    What makes Benecos Cosmetics stand out?

    Conventional cosmetics often contain ingredients such as mineral oils, paraffins and silicones, which have no place in natural cosmetics. After all, everything we put on our skin is absorbed by our BodyBenecos are different, and choose to use healthy alternative ingredients such as vegetable oils and waxes, which have a composition similar to skin fat. These ingredients are harmless on your skin and support its natural regulation processes through different active ingredients from within.

    Is Benecos vegan?

    Over 72% of the Benecos natural beauty range is vegan. This means that they do not contain any animal ingredients, or derivatives.

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