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    Babease - Baby Weaning Food Pouches

    Babease make food for babies. Not baby food. Not only are their products made in Britain, the factory they are produced in is owned by Babease. This 100% organic, veg-led Baby Food brand focus on vegetable led recipes which are delivered in a transparent and honest way to help inform and empower parents as to what they feed their little ones. Created by nutritionists, top chefs, and the best baby experts Babease know, all our their recipes have been carefully chosen where every ingredient is used for a reason with no fruit fillers.

    What makes Babease stand out?

    Babease ethos is to be open, honest and transparent in everything they do, from how they source their fresh produce to clearly communicating the exact ingredients of each pouch. They were born from a desire to understand more about what we as parents feed our babies, and to provide further support to these little ones as they take their first exciting steps into the world of delicious food. They also believe that introducing your little one to amazing tastes and textures at an early age is the best way to raise healthy, adventurous eaters.

    How did the Babease brand start?

    They were founded in 2015 by chef Tom Redwood, and launched in 2016, after he looked into what people were feeding their babies. In his opinion these options were bland and overly sweet. Having previously toured with both Craig David and Simple Minds Jim Kerr around the world, as their personal chef, he quit the life on the open round to start up what would go on to become a hugely successful baby food business.

    These days Babease exists to ensure parents are more informed and their babies are more fulfilled. From meal pouches and finger foods to expert nutrition advice and recipes for your whole family to enjoy, Babease support you on every step of the weaning journey. 

    Who is their target audience?

    Babease believe parents should know exactly what goes into their babies’ tummies. This means that the name on the front of the pack is the same as the ingredients listed. Which means if mum gives her little one a Babease Organic Sweet Potato, Carrot & Cauliflower 100g that’s exactly what she is giving her little one, a pouch with more sweet potato than carrot and more carrot than cauliflower. And nothing else.

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