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    The UK's no. 1 Natural Skin & Hair Care Brand


    A ‘deep-rooted beauty’ is the essence of the Avalon Organics brand Grounded in the knowledge that all beauty begins within the Earth and guided by the wisdom of nature, each thoughtfully crafted Avalon product harnesses the pure benefits of carefully selected botanicals, which are nurtured by the elements then tenderly harvested to nourish your body from the outside in.

    What makes Avalon Organics stand out?


    All of their products are certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients or the USDA NOP Organic Standard. This means that all Avalon products contain at least seventy percent organic ingredients. In addition, they are manufactured using materials, processes, production criteria and conditions that have been approved by either NSF or the USDA.  All of their products contain cruelty free and one-hundred percent vegetarian ingredients. Avalon Organics products also exclude all cruelly obtained animal ingredients, even if the animal is not killed. Avalon’s formulators limit the use of animal products to ingredients that are deposited by and have no future benefit to the animal, such as beeswax.

    How did Avalon Organics start?


    It was founded by American philanthropist, Stacey Kelly Egide, in 1989 but was then known as Avalon Natural Products. As an activist for healthy choices and all things natural, Stacey’s interest in sustainability helped to grow the brand into what it is today. In December of 2006 Avalon was acquired by the Hain Celestial Group, who to this day remain a leading natural and organic personal care products company that also features other well known brands, such as Alba Botanica & Jason, which complements its leading position in the natural and organic market.

    What do Avalon Organics produce?


    Curated from nature’s pure resources, they produce a range of high quality skin care, hair care and bath & body products, which are deep-rooted in a profound respect for the planet. Each skin care formula has been thoughtfully created to respect your unique skin care needs, while their range of safe and effective plant-based hair care products are designed to bring luminance to locks without the use of harsh preservatives or hair-stripping cleansers. Avalon's bath and body range provides your skin with a variety of rich, therapeutic benefits, and like the skin care range, caters to a specific skin type or need.

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