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    Plant-Powered Beauty & Skincare from New Zealand

    Antipodes is a world-leading sustainable skincare brand from New Zealand. This trailblazing scientific green beauty company has won both global fans and awards for combining premium New Zealand products with science and innovation. Not only are these resulting, high-tech certified organic & premium formulations made from the world’s cleanest natural and organic ingredients, they raise the bar when it comes to improving the appearance and health of your Skin.

    Who is Antipodes target audience?

    Antipodes sophisticated formulations are designed to meet the needs of women seeking actual results from natural Skincare.

    Where are the products made?

    Antipodes award-winning plant-powered beauty and certified organic premium skincare range is made in New Zealand within a pollution-free environment.

    Is Antipodes Skincare a good reliable brand?

    Yes. For more than fifteen years, Antipodes 'Green Beauty Ethos' has ensured that no toxins are present within their products. They never compromise on their clean formulations too, and sustainability has been their baseline from the very beginning. Thanks to 100% nature sourced ingredients and independent third-party audits of their credentials, Antipodes is continually elevated above the highest of regulatory standards. 

    Antipodes want to show the next generation you can build a life by sticking to your values & beliefs, and don’t have to compromise on your 'greener' goals. With this in mind they deliberately use clean, organic New Zealand ingredients and only partner with suppliers who align with their core values.

    What are the best products in the range?

    From their revolutionary antioxidant extract Vinanza grape to the wild-sourced Antipodes Manuka Honey Day Cream 60ml, Antipodes popular skincare range is scientifically validated and bursting with nutrient-rich natural ingredients.

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