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    26 products

    Aromatherapy Skincare & Pure Essential Oils

    Amphora Aromatics are the natural choice for all things Aromatherapy and one of the UK's biggest suppliers of pure Essential Oils and aromatherapy sundries.

    What do they produce?

    They provide specific beauty or well-being solutions, through an extensive range of essential oils, creams, gels, balms and Body care products.

    How did Amphora Aromatics start?

    In the mid-1980's Peter & Christine Carroll (founders of Amphora Aromatics), travelled the world through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and even India. However, it was their time spent in a small Himalayan hill town, where the couple studied native traditional medicine and its associated philopsophy. Upon their return, they used this new found knowledge to start a new business in the backroom of a small shop in Bristol. And there Amphora Aromatics was born, which took inspiration from Peter & Christine's travels. In 1992, the business had grown enough for notable expansion, so Amphora Aromatics added small warehouse facilities to the back of their shop. And by 1996 they became a limited company and knocked through the shop building to reclaim more working space as the business continued to grow. Today, Amphora Aromatics exports worldwide to ninety two countries from its manufacturing base in Bristol.

    What makes Amphora Aromatics stand out?

    Amphora Aromatics boasts a professional Aromatherapist on staff, an in-house testing laboratory and a production facility certified to cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices in line with ISO 22716 and EC Regulation 1223/2009 on Cosmetic Products. Many manufacturers list only the active or top-band ingredients in their products, allowing them to conceal smaller concentrations of all sorts of other substances but Amphora do not do this - they want their customers to know exactly what they are buying. With many years experience seeking out independent producers from across the globe, they can offer high quality products at very competitive prices.

    Who is Amphora's target audience?

    There brand is highly dosed with bewitching natural fragrances that invoke thoughts of cosy nights on the sofa or a warm relaxing bath. Many of their products are pure unmitigated natural hair and skin saviours too, making these products ideal for those with stressful lifestyles or sensitive skin that is easily irritated.

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