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CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies

CBD Gummies: Delicious fruit flavoured jelly sweets infused with high grade CBD hemp extract.

Here at Natures Healthbox, we have a vast growing range of CBD products, which includes the CBD Gummies you see below. These delicious fruit flavoured jelly dome shaped sweets are infused with high grade CBD hemp extract, and are available in a variety of delicious flavours too! 

CBD Gummies? Are these legal in the UK?

Yes! All the CBD Gummies listed here contain ingredients that are grown organically under government license and thoroughly tested to be under 0.2% THC (non-psychoactive). This falls under the European Union product requirements, making them legal in the UK. These gummies are also non-addictive and will therefore not require a doctor’s recommendation.

How might CBD Gummies benefit my body?

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that CBD may have a variety of beneficial uses, and those who have previously used CBD Gummies have claimed that they are alert and full of Energy during the day, but sleep well during the night. However, while research is ongoing into the medicinal affects of CBD, it's thought CBD Gummies may benefit your Body when you simply need to relax and get back in the game.

Why should I choose CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are just about the easiest way to get CBD into your body - just pop them in your mouth, chew and swallow.They’re easy to pack too, convenient to use and, of course, are delicious and fun to eat. Also, a lot of people don't like the taste of CBD oil, finding it quite intense, however gummies generally taste incredibly nice and no longer feel like a chore. On top of this, CBD oil has to be taken in a sublingual manner, usually taking up to 2 minutes to be absorbed before the rest is swallowed, however the gummies can be eaten straight away. Beyond this, sweets are a more subtle way to get this cannabinoid in your system if you plan on consuming it on the go or in the office.

What should I look out for when buying CBD gummies for the first time?

The first factor is how much CBD is in each gummy. Most will contain either 5mg or 10mg of CBD per gummy. From there, you should work out, considering the number of gummies in a pack and the cost of a pack, how much does each mg of CBD cost you. Beyond this, you might also want to know the quantity of sugar, especially if you're watching your weight, with some options being sugar free, using a sugar alternative. On top of these two factors, flavour is obviously critical, so you could look into reviews or simply opt for a flavour you think you will like.

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

The quantity of CBD gummies they recommend you eat will depend on the individual product. Plus, the amount you require personally should heavily impact the amount you consume. The general recommendation on most of these CBD edibles is 10-20mg of CBD, therefore if each gummy contains 10mg they will recommend 1-2, while if it contains 5mg they will recommend 2-4. This is a generalisation based on what many people aim for per day, but you should understand everyone is different and you should test it on yourself to see what works best. On the top end, they all highlight 200mg of CBD as the max in a 24 hour period, so depending on whether they contain 5 or 10mg of CBD, this will mean either 20 or 40 gummies max in a day, but we wouldn't recommend getting close to this figure as it is quite unnecessary.