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CBD Cream

CBD Cream

What are CBD creams?

Here at Natures Healthbox, we offer a wide range of CBD Creams from some of the UK's biggest, best and trusted CBD brands. But what exactly is a CBD Cream?..

A CBD cream, like the ones you see in our selection below, are topical creams infused with the phytocannabinoid CBD. Made from high-grade hemp, these CBD Creams are made of pure and natural substances, allowing you to take advantage of the key benefits of the Cannabis Sativa L plant.

Is the use of a CBD cream legal in the UK?

Yes, purchasing a CBD cream is legal in the UK as long as they have been derived from an industrial hemp strain that is EU-approved and contains no more than 0.2 percent THC (tetra­­­hydro­­cannabinol). 

How do I use CBD cream?

It could be argued that application of a CBD cream is the easiest of all CBD products. Upon identifying the source of pain or where the discomfort lies, you can simply apply the CBD cream around that area.

How might a CBD cream benefit my body?

CBD-infused creams can be applied to specific areas of your Body for relief on the surface of your Skin, or even deeper, within your muscle tissues. These creams may be useful in the treatment of specific skin disorders or for Joint Health & Inflammation issues.

How long does CBD cream last?

All products will offer slightly different timings, so we do recommend checking each individual product guidelines, however in general it should work on your body for up to six hours. It often takes approximately 20 minutes till it starts to take effect. In regards to the life expectancy, they should last you a considerable period of time, providing you keep the lid securely on and out of direct sunlight. When applying, it will tell you a recommended dosage, you might want to take this in multiple occasions, potentially splitting the dosage. This could lower the effect, but it might help if you want it morning and night, or you could simply up your dosage.

How much does CBD cream cost?

Each product will vary, but in general you will be looking at spending around £20-£50, depending on the size of the pack, the strength of the CBD and other ingredients included.