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CBD Coffee

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CBD Coffee

CBD Infused Coffee

CBD Coffee is a trend that’s catching on fast, here in the UK, and at Natures Healthbox you too can indulge in the next innovation of CBD infused Drinks & Beverages. In fact this selection of CBD Coffee's are more than just your average cup of joe, which include a distinctively rich and invigorating taste that will have even the most serious of Coffee connoisseurs coming back for more.

Is CBD Coffee legal in the UK?

Yes! We only stock CBD Coffee products that contain bold coffee grounds and pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol that is grown organically under government license and thoroughly tested to be under 0.2% THC (non-psychoactive). This falls under the European Union product requirements to ensure that the CBD Coffee's you see (below) comply with all industry regulations.

When should I consume my cup of CBD Coffee?

There is no real right or wrong answer here, however many consume CBD Coffee during a work day as a pick-me-up without the jitters. As you can imagine, the coffee will contain caffeine, therefore it will keep you up at night if you have it in the evening.

What is the best CBD coffee?

This is a good question and is highly subjective. We stock a number of reputable CBD brands, however we recommend you looking at a number of factors, including the quantity of CBD in each cup, the reviews, how reputable the brand is and any additional factors highlighted on the product page. We're huge fans of CBD coffee here in the Nature's Health Box office.

Can I drink coffee with CBD oil?

No, we wouldn't recommend this, as CBD coffee should be taken sublingually to ensure a strong absorption rate, with the portion swallowed losing the bioavailability. You can alternatively find water soluble versions, however in general we'd recommend you simply opt for a CBD coffee, which has been especially designed so you still absorb the CBD properly. These have also gone through numerous taste tests, to make sure it still makes for a great cuppa, whereas if you just poured unflavoured CBD oil into your coffee, you will certainly be in line for a bad taste in your mouth.

What does CBD coffee taste like?

Again, this all depends on the individual product and brand, but the one most surprising part about trying them in the office was they all tasted pretty similar to your usual high end cup of coffee. The coffee is regularly Arabica, imported from your usual key locations such as Costa Rica, but each product will have details of the beans originality in the description.

Are there other CBD hot drinks?

Yes, there are an increasing number of flavoured CBD coffee's, while you can also buy some CBD tea from our site. On top of this, we can see it not being long until there is a hot chocolate equivalent.