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CBD Balm

CBD Balm

What Is CBD Balm?

CBD Balm is a topical product that contains CBD Oil or extract and is applied directly to the skin. It typically comes in the form of a lotion, cream, or salve, and is often used to treat localised pain, inflammation, and other skin conditions.

CBD Balms are made by infusing CBD oil or extract into a carrier oil or wax, such as coconut oil or beeswax, along with other ingredients such as essential oils and other herbs. The CBD oil or extract is then mixed with the carrier oil or wax to create a balm that can be applied directly to the skin.

CBD Balms are often used to treat localised pain and inflammation, such as arthritis, sore muscles, and joint pain. They may also be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and may be helpful for reducing redness and irritation. They are also used to help with dryness, and may also help with skin conditions like acne, by reducing the production of sebum.

How Might CBD Balm Benefit My Body?

The advantages of CBD Balm's are plentiful, however because it is great at quenching areas of dry & dehydrated Skin, CBD Balm is commonly used topically upon the Body.  With this in mind, before you begin using a CBD balm it is recommended to carry out a small allergy test, but as a natural product there shouldn't be any complications. CBD has a number of anti-inflammatory properties, while it is commonly matched with other ingredients which are known to have similar properties.

How Long Will It Take Before I Notice The Positive Effects Of CBD Balm?

The time it takes for a person to notice the positive effects of CBD Balm can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the person's individual physiology, the condition being treated, the dosage of CBD in the balm, and the method of application.

Generally, when using CBD Balm topically, the effects can be noticed relatively quickly, usually within minutes to a couple of hours after application. This is because the CBD is applied directly to the affected area, which allows for fast absorption into the skin and localised effects.

However, the effects of CBD Balm may be more subtle and may take longer to notice for some individuals. Additionally, the benefits of using CBD Balm for certain conditions, such as chronic pain, may be cumulative and may take several days or weeks of consistent use to notice a significant improvement.

What Is CBD Muscle Balm?

While CBD balm's were originally largely targeted on the beauty angle, we have also seen the emergence and growth of muscle recovery lotions, ideal for helping aches, pains and muscles after a workout. They are designed to tackle DOMS, being delayed onset muscle soreness, as well as helping the body to recover from a workout quicker. These muscle gel applicators normally provide a cooling sensation to the area of skin they are rubbed on to, while they are increasingly popular with athletes and people who train regularly.

Can I Rub CBD Oil Into The Skin?

CBD oil has been perfectly created for sublingual consumption, however if you want to rub something into your skin then a gel or cream form should have a greater absorption level. So to summarise, no I wouldn't recommend rubbing CBD oil into the skin, I'd instead opt for some of the CBD balms we've highlighted on the page for optimal results.

How Do I Use CBD Balm?

While each product will vary and we strongly recommend you reading the individual product's usage guidelines, in general you rub it into the area of skin which you're hoping to focus on. Always try to avoid open areas of skin, plus your eyes. You should rub it into the skin, often in a circular motion, until you feel it is being properly absorbed, often for 10-20 seconds. This can often be rubbed in daily, depending on how often you require application.