Wellgard: Clinically Proven Probiotics for Women.

Vitaflora Probiotics for Women, by Wellgard, has been developed with the best nutritionists across the country who have outstanding experience and education in how nutrition impacts a woman's wellbeing. Vitaflora’s proprietary formula is comprised of three clinically studied live cultures in women’s health and designed to give a woman the multifaceted support they’ve been looking for!

Backed with clinical studies, you can trust. If you're seeking a Feminine Hygiene supplement especially for the female intimate flora then you should look no further than Wellgard Vitaflora Bio Cultures Complex for Women.

How does Vitaflora Bio Cultures Complex for Women work?

Replenishing a woman's colonies is the secret weapon in supporting the normal growth of yeast. By supporting the balance of the internal flora, a woman is creating an environment that is more conducive to maintaining digestive, urinary, and vaginal health. Vitaflora Probiotics for Women's one capsule per day formula contains twenty billion live cultures with clinically proven vaginal colonisation from oral intake. Unlike other brands, Wellgard do not make misleading claims of “40 Billion CFU” only for you to find out in the small print that 40 billion CFU is based on taking two capsules instead of one.

How will Vitaflora Probiotics for Women benefit my body?

Wellgard Vitaflora Bio Cultures Complex for Women has been clinically proven to help with vaginal imbalance issues in just 14 days using one capsule per day.

Does Wellgard Vitaflora Probiotics for Women contain any fillers?

No, There are no fillers or binders in Wellgard Vitaflora Probiotics. Stability is crucial when it comes to live bacteria Supplements. The bacteria must be alive when consumed otherwise you are consuming dead bacteria, which won’t do anything!

The ingredients used in Wellgard Vitaflora Bio Cultures Complex for Women are ultra pure and tested for their potency on an ongoing basis, so you can be absolutely sure that this bio culture complex delivers on its promise.

Why should I choose Wellgard?

Wellgard are not the typical supplement brand, as they believe in research and products that deliver on their promise. Vitaflora Probiotics for Women has been manufactured to the highest quality standards, surpassing the strictest regulations. Only ingredients, based on clinical trials and the scientific support behind them, are used in each and every product.

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