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Vertese: Vegan & Vegetarian supplements. Specially formulated.

Vertese welcomes you to the supplement revolution for vegetarian, vegan and free-from diets!

Let's be honest, we all want the best of health and our diet and lifestyle choices play an important part in achieving this. However, when following a vegetarian or vegan diet that reduces or excludes animal sourced foods, obtaining all of the essential nutrients our Body requires can sometimes be difficult to achieve. As with any lifestyle, a vegan or vegetarian diet may occasionally need a little extra support where important nutrients are lacking.

How can Vertese help?

Vertese are committed to delivering a unique range of high quality Food Supplements designed exclusively to provide dietary support for a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. Using naturally sourced ingredients, Vertese supplements carry Vegetarian Society approval, giving extra reassurance that they are the perfect choice to support your lifestyle.

What vitamins do vegans and vegetarians need?

If you're on a strict vegan diet it's important to obtain enough Iron, Calcium and vitamin B12. Vegetarians need to make sure they are getting enough vitamin B12 and iron too.

What should a vegan eat in a day?

We are encouraged to aim for 10-12 portions of fruit and vegetables a day to get the best from our diet but life sometimes makes this difficult to achieve, particularly for a vegan or vegetarian. Many vegans tend to base their meals around Bread, potatoes, Pasta, Rice & Noodles or other starchy carbohydrates that are of wholegrain origin. Soya based drinks and low-fat yoghurts can be used as suitable dairy alternatives.

Is Vertese cruelty free?

Yes! Vertese capsules are gelatin-free and both Vertese Omega 369 60 Capsules and Vertese Evening Primrose Oil are not tested on animals.

Is Vertese dairy free?

Yes! Vertese supplements are free from dairy, gluten added Sugar, Salt and yeast. They also have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives too!

Why should I choose Vertese?

As experts in nutrition, Vertese have been developing tailored nutritional support for vegetarians and vegans since 1999. They understand how difficult it can be to get the most from any diet, especially in today’s society, which is why their range of high quality vegan and vegetarian Vitamins and Minerals (below) are tailored to work with your diet & lifestyle.