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Urban Essentials Vitamins

Urban Essentials Vitamins

Urban Essentials: Vitamins & Supplements designed for Life.

These days, Vitamins and Supplements can be complicated and confusing, with so much choice and often contradictory advice. So if you're looking for a clear, straightforward and easy to understand range, then check out these high quality & ethically sourced products from Urban Essentials below. Unlike many other health food supplement brands, Ubran Essentials has been specifically formulated to address the growing number of everyday health issues experienced in urban life today

What are Urban Essentials?

Urban Essentials can help to support your everyday health and wellbeing from tiredness, a lack of Energy & Vitality, poor Sleep, an un-balanced diet, and even against the effects of pollution on your Skin. Designed by expert nutritionists, these unique, targeted formulas feature potent natural plant extracts and are manufactured to the highest GMP standards in the UK.

Where are Urban Essentials made?

All Urban Essentials products are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest GMP/ Pharmaceutical standards, using 100% green renewable energy from the sun & wind.

Are Urban Essentials gluten free?

Yes! Urban Essentials are Gluten Free, additive and excipient free, and are suitable for vegans & vegetarians too!

Can I recycle Urban Essentials packaging after use?

Yes! All Urban Essentials products are packed in recyclable glass bottles, which are wrapped in paper labels, not plastic.

Why should I choose Urban Essentials?

Urban Essentials have been formulated to address specific lifestyle health challenges. From unique male & female Multivitamins for general health & wellbeing to a tailored supplement for Immune Support, all Urban Essentials products have been produced using the latest science, which combines recognised ingredients with potent natural plant extracts.