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Tidoo Baby

Tidoo Baby

Tidoo Baby: Engaged by Nature. Made for Babies.

Tidoo Baby offer an extensive selection of nappies and Baby care products that fall in line with the expectations of parents (because they are made by parents), while respecting the baby and the environment for which he/she is being raised in. Made in France, these eco-friendly products have been designed with respect for the planet, using renewable raw materials.

Tell me about Tidoo.

Tidoo was founded by Geoffroy Blondel de Joigny and Kilian O’Neill in 2013. As wholesalers of organic, eco-friendly and ethical products, they noticed that the current range of eco-friendly nappies were not leak-proof or reasonably priced. O’Neill and Blondel de Joigny therefore decided to found their own eco-friendly baby product brand. The first range of eco-friendly, disposable and leak-proof night & day nappies enabled Tidoo Baby to make its mark in the organic retail market. The range has since expanded threefold and the brand is sold all over France and the rest of the world too!

Why should I choose Tidoo?

Tidoo products not only protect the environment, but more importantly, the raw materials and ingredients used in each one protects the the fragile skin of your baby too. The effectiveness of these products was furthermore cemented back in 2015 and 2018, when Tidoo's range of eco-friendly nappies won the "Best Eco-product" award of the 'year.