Tick Tock Tea

Tick Tock Tea

Hickory dickory dock... It’s always Tick Tock Tea o’clock! 

Tick Tock Tea has firmly established itself as one of Britain’s favourite choices of Rooibos Tea. Founded in 1976, Tick Tock was the first to introduce rooibos to the UK market, and now have a delicious selection of seven rooibos teas (below) for you all to enjoy.

Where is Rooibos Tea from?

Rooibos grows in the ruggedly beautiful Cederberg coastal mountains of South Africa, around 200km north of Cape Town.

What does Rooibos Tea taste like?

Rooibos Tea is smooth and gentle with a natural sweetness and slightly nutty taste.

Is Tick Tock Tea fairtrade certified?

While Tick Tock teas are not yet certified by the fairtrade foundation, they do purchase directly from farmers and trade fairly.

Is Tick Tock Rooibos Tea safe to drink during pregnancy?

While rooibos is generally thought of as a good alternative to caffeinated teas during Pregnancy, Tick Tock advise speaking to your GP or midwife if you have any concerns about drinking their products during pregnancy.

Why should I choose Tick Tock Tea?

Tick Tock have been a tea obsessed family for over four generations. Their unbroken commitment, together with the expertise they’ve gathered along the way, lies at the heart of everything they do. Tick Tock personally taste every new batch of their tea to make sure that they get that distinguished Tick Tock taste just right.

Today, Tick Tock Tea has proudly become one of britain’s favourite independent tea brands and their iconic packaging can be found brightening up kitchen cupboards up & down the country.

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