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Sun Chlorella

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Sun Chlorella

Sun Chlorella: Whole Food for your Whole Body.

Sun Chlorella is a range of natural whole Food Supplements, which are free from synthetic ingredients and contain an amazing variety of Other NutrientsSun Chlorella is composed of 60% pure plant protein, as well as essential Amino Acids plus Vitamin A, vitamin B12, B6, Vitamin D, Iron, Folic Acid and fibre.

What is chlorella?

Chlorella is a single-celled green algae and a member of eukaryotic organism (true nucleus plant), which grows in fresh water. Originally discovered at the end of the 19th century, chlorella was named after’chlor’ which means green in Greek and ’ella’ which means a small thing in Latin. There are many different species of chlorella, but Chlorella pyrenoidosa is the one used in all Sun Chlorella products as it contains higher concentrations of Choline, Vitamins and amino acids.

Where do Sun Chlorella source the ingredients for their products?

Sun Chlorella is grown in Taiwan but the final manufacturing processes take place in Japan. The factory is  not affected by radiation as it is located 325 miles from Fukushima, and the product and local environment are regularly checked for radiation. Independent testing takes place and the certificates are produced at customs before the product is allowed into The EU.

Is Sun Chlorella safe to take by children?

While Sun Chlorella maybe a great way to introduce the benefits of a natural food supplement to your children’s diet. It is recommended you consult a health professional before making significant changes to your children's diet.

Is Sun Chlorella good for you?

Since December 2012, health claims made in relation to food products require authorisation under regulation EC 1924/2006 before they can be used in labelling and marketing in The EU. With that said it is said that nutritional therapists and other practitioners of complementary medicine have been recommending Sun Chlorella for many years. This is because Sun Chlorella is thought to provide Immune Support and may help maintain normal colonic functions too.