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Sproud : Next Level Milk Powered by Peas

We need new sources of protein. The kinds tht make both us and the planet work.

Sproud have created a tasty Gluten Free, Vegan Alternative Milk powered by peas, the protein of the future. Sproud Milk do this for many reasons, as the pea is simply extraordinary. It´s nutritious, pure and has a low carbon footprint.

The Eco-Friendly Legume

Because it’s a spring crop the pea needs less water compared to most other plant-based protein sources, like almonds and soy. The space needed to produce pea-based protein is also comparatively small, even smaller than for soy. And the cultivation of the pea is done without any nitrogen fertilizers.

High in Protein

With high levels of protein and fibre, the pea has been a staple food for centuries. It contains several important amino acids, which are vital for the health of our muscles, immune system and bones.

Clean Process

Sproud’s products are made of protein from dry yellow peas cultivated in Europe, where the protein also is extracted. It’s a clean process without chemical solvents. The supply chain is local and short. Sproud’s products are made in Sweden, and in the future they also plan to use peas cultivated in Sweden.

The Art of NO

Besides “no milk, no gluten and no soy” the pea is also free of (or low in) a lot of other not-so-good stuff. It’s non-GMO and does not contain any cholesterol or allergens. And it’s low in sugar and fat.