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Splat: Innovative Oral Care Products with Natural Ingredients.

Splat is a family owned and operated Dental Care company that offers an extensive selection of highly innovative oral care products including bio-active Toothpastes, Toothbrushes and oral care foams. In a little under 13 years, Splat has gone from a simple business idea to being a leading oral care brand that provides effective solutions to certain oral care issues.

What is included in the Splat oral care range?

All Splat toothpastes, foams and Mouthwashes feature nothing but natural ingredients, Essential Oils and plant extracts. None of them contain contain synthetic antiseptic agents like triclosan or chlorhexidine (used for cleaning of surgeonʼs hands). 

Does Splat contain synthetic sweeteners?

No, saccharinate and other harmful synthetic sweeteners are not included in any Splat product. Instead, safe ingredients are used such as xylitol, mannitol, stevia extract and sucralose.

What is Biosol?

Biosol is a safe antibacterial agent, used in Splat products to remove biofilm, a bacteria that forms the on tooth surface and can cause periodontium diseases. Biosol penetrates the biofilm bacteria and then destroys it from the inside out.

What makes Splat different to other oral care brands?

Splat products are given maximum attention at every stage of production, quality control and distribution. They are safe and suitable for daily use and have been certified for compliance with international standards of GMP Cosmetics and ISO 9001.

Many elements of Splat products are protected by Russian and international patents, such as the unique Sp.White System, which makes enamel ideally clean and shiny without causing scratches or increased sensitivity, and the Luctatol System that is clinically proven to have an inhibitory effect on dental plaque formation.