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SoDelishUs is a trailblazing British brand devoted to creating delectable, plant-based food essentials without sacrificing flavour or quality. Their enticing product range features bread mixes, chocolate muffin mix, sponge mix, icing sugar, apricot jam, and two varieties of low-carb pasta - penne and fusilli. Catering to those who seek flavourful plant-based cuisine, SoDelishUs emphasises ethically sourced, natural ingredients that are beneficial for both the environment and your palate.

A Delectable Assortment:

The SoDelishUs product line is designed to satisfy every craving with a diverse and appetising selection of vegan treats. We offer the following products from the SoDelishUs brand:

SoDelishUs Universal Vegan Flour Mix 250g

SoDelishUs Vegan Double Chocolate Muffin Mix 550g

SoDelishUs Vegan Sponge Mix 500g

SoDelishUs No Added Sugar Apricot Jam 250g

SoDelishUs Lo Carb Vegan Penne Pasta 250g

SoDelishUs Lo Carb Vegan Fusilli Pasta 250g

SoDelishUs Vegan Icing Powder 200g

SoDelishUs Vegan Bread Mix 500g

Quality Ingredients and Ethical Sourcing:

SoDelishUs takes pride in sourcing high-quality, natural ingredients for their plant-based creations. They are dedicated to using non-GMO, organic, and fair-trade products wherever possible, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. By choosing SoDelishUs, you are not only indulging in a delicious treat, but also supporting a brand that values environmental and social responsibility.

Find Your Perfect Treat:

Whether you're a devoted vegan, have dietary restrictions, or are simply looking for a delectable guilt-free indulgence, SoDelishUs is the ideal choice.