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Soakin: 100% Pure & Natural Salts.

Soakin Bath Salts is the answer to that age old question "Which salt is best for Bath?". For these mineral rich bathing salts are packaged by well trained staff in a fantastic new packing facility with increased hygiene standards, and a totally green policy.

What does bathing with salt do?

Soakin Dead Sea Salts soothe, soften, hydrate, & exfoliate dry or itchy Skin, while Soakin Epsom Salt revives tired & aching muscles. Soakin Himalayan Pink Salt cleans & softens tired looking skin and Soakin Magnesium Flakes relieve muscular aches & pains.

Are bath salts good for eczema?

They might be! It has been said that a person suffering with Eczema & Psoriasis may benefit from a soak in a bath made with Epsom salt, which is immediately followed with a suitable Moisturiser.

Is bath salt good for your face?

It might be! The coarse texture of Soakin Epsom Salt could help to exfoliate the skin on your Face, by removing dead skin cells.

Do you rinse after detox bath?

You could do! After using Soakin Himalayan Pink Salt for your Detox bath, you may wish to rinse your Body down if you bathe for more than twenty minutes to prevent the potential reabsorption of toxins.

What is the best bath soak?

Here at Natures Healthbox we won't go as far as to tell you what the 'best' bath soak is because after all, everyone is different and what may suit one individual may not for another. However, whether you are trying to Detox & Cleanse your skin or simply looking for the right salt for a relaxing bath, you can be sure that Soakin has the right product for you.