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Rhythm 108

Rhythm 108

Rhythm 108: Consciously crafted. Deliciously Swiss.

With a love for sweet treats, but an equal concern for nutrition, wellness and the planet, Rhythm 108 inspire big change through small treats. Each rhythm 108 vegan product is made in a bakery slowly and by hand, using Swiss tradition and modern nutritional wisdom along with organic, Gluten Free, ethical and natural ingredients. The result are the products below, which are not only better for you, but better for the planet too!

What sweets are vegan UK?

Rhythm 108 sweet treats are vegan-friendly, as they only contain plant-based ingredients.

How many bars in a box of rhythm 108 bars?

As one of the biggest rhythm 108 UK stockistsNatures Healthbox presents the Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Praline Bar to you in a case of 15 bars.

Where can I buy buy Rhythm 108 biscuits?

Right here, at Natures Healthbox! Choose from Rhythm 108 Coconut Crunch Biscuit Share Bag 135g - Pack of 4, Rhythm 108 Double Chocolate Hazelnut Biscuit Share Bag 135g - Pack of 4, Rhythm 108 Almond Biscotti Biscuit Share Bag 135g - Pack of 4 or Rhythm 108 Lemon, Ginger & Chia Biscuit Share Bag 135g - Pack of 4.

Does Rhythm 108 contain soy?

No! All Rhythm 108 products are soy-free.

Are all Rhythm 108 products organic?

Yes! And this is what we feel makes Rhythm 108 somewhat a little different. For they have sourced organic ingredients from day one because they want to support alternative agriculture and farming- organic farming supports healthy soil & healthy soil is fundamental to our entire food system. And while Rhythm 108 was not yet officially fairtrade certified at the time of writing, they were working towards certification and continued to source 100% of their ingredients this way.

Do Rhythm 108 contain any artificial ingredients, flavourings or preservatives?

No preservatives, artificial ingredients, or flavourings are used in any of the Rhythm 108 sweet treats above. Their great taste is achieved by using high-quality ingredients and working with world-class pâtissiers and chocolatiers who have expert knowledge.