Pitrok: Natural Deodorant.

What is PitRok?

Pitrock Crystal Deodorants are based on pure natural mineral salts, and our unrivalled selection includes a stylishly packaged natural deodorant stick, spray, and roll-on.

How does PitRok deodorant work?

Pitrok works with your body, not against it. It contains a natural bacteriostatic agent that stops the bacteria, which causes underarm odour, from growing without blocking your pores and causing underarm skin irritation & itching.

Is Pitrock vegan?

Yes! Pitrock is vegan & cruelty free, and always has been since it was first launched in 1995.

How do you use PitRok?

Simply apply Pitrock Deodorant to wet, clean skin after your Bath & Shower.

Is Pitrock an antiperspirant?

No! Pirock is not an antiperspirant, as antiperspirants work by blocking pores and for many people this causes underarm irritation.

Who can use Pitrock?

The Pitrok Crystal Natural Deodorant Stick is ideal for anyone with a deodorant allergy or who simply wants to limit the amount of chemicals they subject their body to.

Does PitRok expire?

Pitrock suggests that their products have one years shelf life, making them environmentally friendly & good on your wallet too!

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