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Oliva: Pure Olive Oil Soap.

Capture the hidden secrets of nature with our selection of Oliva Olive oil soap bars, which are available in a pack of three or sold singularly. Made in Crete using traditional soap making processes, Oliva soap is simply a gracious gift from Greece!

Is olive soap antibacterial?

Yes! Oliva is naturally antibacterial without the need of artificial colours or perfumes. It's 100% biodegradable too!

Is olive oil soap good for your skin?

Yes, absolutely! Oliva Soap is non-irritating, so can even be used on those with sensitive skin. What's more, the moisturising properties of olive oil and a natural source of VitaminsMinerals and Amino Acids, work to nourish your skin.

Is Olivia vegan?

Yes! Olivia Soap is vegan & vegetarian friendly.

Can I use olive oil soap on my face?

Yes! Hypoallergenic Oliva Soap is more than safe to use upon your face.

Is olive oil soap good for your hair?

Yes! In fact the Oliva Natural Olive Oil Soap may even help to strengthen your Hair, as well as encourage hair growth.