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Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty: For the fast & effective removal of troublesome nits.

Our comprehensive selection of Nitty Gritty's natural Hair care products remove troublesome and unsightly nits fast and effectively. Each product is free from harmful chemicals and contains only safe and proven natural Ingredients, such as Neem oil, which works by disrupting the life cycle of headlice. There are no other head lice products, lotions or potions available that can remove nits reliably, safely, and painlessly!

Does Nitty Gritty kill head lice?

Nitty Gritty Aromatherapy Head Lice Solution 150ml is a natural and effective way to detect and remove Head Lice when used with the stainless steel Nitty Gritty Nit Free Comb

How do you clean nitty gritty nit comb?

At the core of our Nitty Gritty range is the popular Nitty Gritty Comb; a small, elegant, and brilliantly-designed pocket-sized comb that works superbly. To clean it, give the comb a good swish in a bowl of water to remove any lice or eggs. This should get the majority of them out of the comb.

What are head lice?

Head lice are tiny wingless insects which can manifest on the human scalp and feed exclusively on human blood. These small grey-brown or whitish lice can often be difficult to spot (even after close inspection), and are a common issue for school children aged 4-11 years. Head lice can spread by direct head to head contact, where they climb from one person's hair to another's.

What are nits?

Nits are the empty egg or young form of a head louse attached to a person's hair.

What can I do to prevent head lice?

Though head lice are relatively harmless, they can be irritating and frustrating to live with if not suitably treated. Head lice sprays and lotions should only be used if you find a live louse in the hair (regular detection combing on a weekly basis will help with this). When lice are removed from the hair and scalp they tend to die within a 12-24 hour period.