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New Nordic

New Nordic

New Nordic: Natural Beauty & Supplements.

Our unrivalled range of New Nordic Food Supplements take advantage of the amazing power of nature to bring good health, energy, and vitality to those who take them. 

Is New Nordic a good brand?

Yes, absolutely! New Nordic was named as the 'Best Health Brand' in the 2020 Beauty Shortlist awards. These completely sponsor and ad-free awards attracted entries from over 45 countries and are still widely recognised to this day. Each entry undergoes thorough testing by industry experts in London, Sydney & New York.

Does New Nordic hair Gro work?

It might do! New Nordic Hair Volume 90 Tablets (also known as New Nordic Hair Gro) has been specifically formulated to provide nutrients to your scalp & Hair follicles where your hair is formed. Each tablet also includes zinc and biotin for their contribution to normal hair growth.

Who is New Nordic?

New Nordic is a Scandinavian company with a unique knowhow in medicinal plants, which develops innovative and effective supplements and cosmetics to satisfy specific health and beauty needs.

Who owns New Nordic?

Healthy and happy people inspired the foundation of New Nordic but it was one man in particular, Karl Kristian Bergman Jensen, who in 1990 established a company with the sole purpose of developing herbal products that may add vitality & years to peoples' lives.

Why should I choose New Nordic?

Today, millions of loyal consumers in more than 30 countries around the world, from China in the East to USA in the West, use one or more of New Nordic’s products as a part of their daily health routine.