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Naked Biotics

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Naked Biotics

Liquid Probiotics to Restore Your Inner Glow

Naked Biotics may make a life-changing difference to your overall health in one, simple daily dose. As some of the best products for gut health on the current market, they work to replenish the good bacteria in your gut and help your body to reconnect with its natural immunity. Enhanced with incredible botanicals and completely free from preservatives, Naked Biotics ultilises 12 strains of 'good' bacteria, each of which is scientifically proven to alleviate specific conditions, such as skin irritation to Fatigue

What makes Naked Biotics stand out?

Naked Biotics are educating people on the importance of gut health by making high quality probiotics accessible to as many people as possible. Unlike freeze-dried tablets, their liquid based product has been developed over a 15 year period to provide a powerful cocktail of good bacteria. A liquid offers the perfect conditions for multiplying bacterial cultures. It’s a case of the more millions the merrier when re-balancing the bad bacteria in your gut.

Who can take Naked Biotics?

There are two different types of products available;

  1. Naked Biotics Daily Restore - for those who have sensitive tummies or suffer from gut issues.
  2. Naked Biotics Daily Maintain - to help people keep their good gut health going.

Why is Gut Health Important?

Gut health is a word used to describe the health of your digestive tract, specifically the balance of microorganisms. It has a huge impact on your overall health & well-being and affects all sorts of things, such as digestion, the Immune System and the absorption of nutrients.