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Mulieres: Safe Cleaning Power!

The time has come to start a revolution in Household cleaning products, and with the Mulieres range of products you can do just that! Each Mulieres product (below) contains 100% natural ingredients and are packaged in an environmentally friendly way. They wash really clean too!

Who are Mulieres?

Mulieres started as a small family business, which started with the birth of our children and the need to find a functional natural detergent that is also suitable for hypersensitive and allergic Skin. In the beginning, they made natural and environmentally friendly detergent only for their own use, but it was soon used by friends and relatives of the company. After years of development and research, today, the Mulieres detergent and cleaning product line has grown for thousands of families around the world.

Are natural cleaning products better?

Mulieres natural washing & cleaning products have been demonstrated to be just as effective at tackling various cleaning tasks as those traditional cleaning products.

How do you wash clothes with natural ingredients?

You can wash your clothes with natural ingredients by switching to either Mulieres Natural Organic Laundry Liquid - Fresh Citrus 1.5 Litre, Mulieres Natural Organic Laundry Liquid - Nordic Pine 1.5 Litre, Mulieres Natural Organic Laundry Liquid - Unscented 1.5 Litre or floral Mulieres Natural Organic Laundry Liquid - Rose Garden 1.5 Litre.